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Sparkling Wine, Fig and Thyme

3 Delicious Sparkling Cocktails To Enjoy This Winter

Winter cocktails you’ll be eager to try

In the cooler, darker months, sparkling wine isn’t usually the first choice for a drink. But we have a few ways to spark up your sparkling with some winter worthy cocktails. As your guests step out of the freezing cold winter weather, welcome them with these 3 delicious and easy-to-make sparkling cocktails!

  • Sparkling and Bitters – An alcoholic twist on lemon, lime, and bitters. Just add an Angostura Bitters-soaked sugar cube to the glass to tickle the tastebuds.
  • Kir Royale – For this classic richly-flavoured French cocktail, all you need is a bottle of sparkling and crème de cassis (a black currant liqueur).
  • Bellini – For a fruity beverage, add crème de framboise (raspberry liqueur) to your sparkling and you’re ready to par-tayy!

Let us know how your enjoy these sparkling cocktails for winter. For more wine inspiration, check out Yarra Burn’s Sparkling range online.


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