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5 Foods That Perfectly Pair With Sparkling Rosé

How to enjoy a fusion of sparkling rosé and food

You’ve organised a get-together with your girlfriends. With your priorities in the right order, you’ve already picked up a bottle of Yarra Burn Sparkling Rosé. Now, you’re thinking about the food to serve – here we have the easiest sparkling rosé food pairing.

The good news is, Rosé wines are very versatile for food pairings. But what are your best options? Here are our five recommendations for your platters:

  1. Brie and crackers – Even though sparkling rosé wine is extremely versatile, not every cheese goes well with it. Soft Brie goes great with some simple crackers and bread pairing well with the acidity of the wine.
  2. Prosciutto – Enjoy on its own or with some crusty herb bread.
  3. Smoked salmon – One of the best fish options to match rosé wines.
  4. Chocolate – Do we really need to explain ourselves here?
  5. Raspberries – Perfect for the dessert lovers.

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