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Sparkling Wine

3 Reasons Why Sparkling Should Be Enjoyed All Year Round.

Enjoy your favourite Sparkling no matter what the season.

With its refreshing taste and association with events like New Years Eve, Sparkling Wine is full of sunshine and perfect for Summer! It reminds us of outdoor dining, barbecues with friends and celebrations. But it is also a surprisingly delicate wine and we believe you can enjoy sparkling all year round.

  1. Because Sparkling Wine is suitable for any occasion – It pairs well with simple dishes and can be served with light and refreshing meals from start to finish. You can read more in our article Sparkling Wine – Not Just For Special Occasions.
  2. Because there are ‘heavy’ Sparkling Wines – Craving a soft, creamy, heavier wine in the colder months? Vintage Sparkling Wine, especially the older vintages can have a beautiful buttery flavour and be just as satisfying.
  3. Because Sparkling Wine is not just any old wine! Long considered a “celebration” wine only, Sparkling Wine is suitable for so much more. It is one of the most complex wines to produce and the aromas and flavours can be just as complex. Because every Sparkling Wine is different, this makes it perfect for all occasions and for all courses. Read more on this in our article Sparkling Wine – Not Just for Starters

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