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Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine – Not Just For Special Occasions.

Don’t ‘save’ your sparkling wine for special occasions

Given a bottle of sparkling wine as a belated birthday gift? First of all – best present ever!

Second of all – do you save it for the next special occasion that comes around – or pop it open this weekend?

While some consider bubbly to be an indulgence best ‘saved’ for celebrations, we’ve listed 3 key reasons why you shouldn’t wait to drink the wine.

  1. We need to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – You know, YOLO and all that. Had a stressful day? Planning to veg out on the couch tonight with Netflix? Whatever the situation, you deserve that glass!
  2. It makes everything feel fancy – Sparkling wine can make the mundane magnificent. Having leftovers or 2-minute noodles for dinner? Add wine and bam! It’s a sophisticated meal.
  3. Avoid the clutter – Follow Marie Kondo’s method and ask yourself ‘Does it spark joy?’ Yes. Yes, it does. But don’t add it to the cluttered shelf, appreciate the joy now!

Looking for another bottle for the next non-occasion? Check out our full Sparkling range online.


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