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Sparkling Rosé and the perfect picnic essentials

How To Create The Perfect Picnic with these essentials.

Planning the perfect picnic? Here are our picnic essentials…

No-one enjoys a poorly prepared picnic! A picnic done well can be pure bliss – whether it’s for 2 or 20, we’ve got the key ingredients to picnic perfection.

Yarra Burn is the perfect wine for everyday celebrations, even if all you are celebrating is the sunshine. Also, in our opinion nothing sets the mood more than the pop of a cork and a group cheers!

Pro tip: Make sure you start chilling the wine a day before the picnic and keep it chilled in transit with an ice block to ensure the best tasting bubbles.

So, what should you take? We have pulled together a quick checklist of picnic essentials, some may seem simple but we always forget something:

  • Dinnerware – Remember plates, cutlery, and champagne flutes. To avoid breakages, plastic or disposable is best.
  • A picnic blanket – Nobody likes a grassy bum and it brings everyone in nice and close.
  • Sunscreen – it is Australia after all.
  • Bring along a board game, bocce ball, a handball or a Frisbee for some outdoor fun.
  • Serving Plate/Board and knife – This is key for cheese and charcuterie and it’s much better than a make-shift option
  • Picnic basket or cooler – Add an ice brick and take care when packing to ensure the softer and lighter foods are at the top.
  • Water – must keep hydrated.
  • A rubbish bag – So you can clean up the leftover scraps.

and of course

Embrace the easy-drinking world of Yarra Burn today. Check out our full Sparkling range online here or in-store at Dan Murphy’s


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