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Food Matching Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine – Not Just for Starters

Our Guide to Pairing Food with Sparkling

Sparkling Wine is often poured as a starter to a meal however this exciting wine can be a great pairing to a wide variety of dishes. We’ve highlighted some great Sparkling Wine food pairing options for you to explore the versatility of this style of wine.

Below are our tips for wine pairing with our Sparkling Wine range.

Yarra Burn Sparkling Wine

Our favourite Older, vintage sparkling wines pair beautifully with complex, richer foods, including seafood, risotto and creamy cheeses.

Non Vintage, younger wines are best enjoyed with delicate, salty canapés. The fresh, zesty flavours won’t overpower lighter flavours and will help balance any fat. Always a great all-rounder with or without food.

Sparkling Rosé is a very versatile wine and pairs great with savoury food. We love it with dishes containing ingredients high in umami – think tomatoes, mushrooms, parmesan, anchovies and soy sauce.

Fresh and fruity and very versatile as a drink on its own or as a component in drinks, Prosecco is taking the world by storm and for good reason. It’s perfect with antipasto-style canapés or a cheese and fruit spread.

Embrace the world of Yarra Burn today and explore what foods you enjoy matching them with. Check out our full Sparkling range here 


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